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Art Baks Curation

Don’t worry, Mass Ave.’s Brick Head isn’t moving.

That giant red box next to the sculpture isn’t there to haul it away. And no one is building anything in Davlan Park, even though it looks that way at first glance. That shipping container near Bru Buger easily could be mistaken for construction.

But that’s not a work zone out there. It’s actually a public art gallery up set to open again in the spring.

Think of it as a pop-up shop for Indianapolis artists who want to show off their work without a long-term commitment or any costs.

Have a knack for painting? You could display your portraits at The Art Bäks. Local artists can apply online to takeover the space built by the Riley Area Development Corp. The nonprofit organization, focused on community revitalization, wants to make Davlan Park more of a destination on Mass Ave.


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