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K&S Appliance Show 2014

A pop-up exhibition showcasing artwork of household kitchen appliances hung on kitchen appliances featured in the K & S Appliance store on Shelby Street in Garfield Park, organized and curated by artist-in-residence, Niina Cochran. July 19 – Aug. 8, 2014. This space became the new Listen Hear in 2016. Check out images and video clips from the show here. This idea was inspired by a conversation with Mark Allen of Machine Project.

The exhibit featured Indianapolis artists: John Clark, Christopher Dance, Andy Fry, Alan Goffinski (of Know no Stranger), John Goodman, Jim Kelly, Kris Komachech, Anne Laker, Johnny McKee, Ners Neonlumberjack, Jacqueline Pichardo, Jason Pittenger-Arnold (of General Public Collective), Nathaniel Russell, Janet Schneider, Tom Streit, Jim Walker, and Becky Wilson. Elsewhereians: Jennie Carlisle, Fionn Duffy, Andrew Fansler, Justus Harris, Molly Hastings, Chris Kennedy, Audrey Love, Courtney McCracken, Sam Metzner, Lyric Morris, Mitchell Oliver, George Scheer, Katie Shlon, Cyrus Smith, Danny Wirtheim, and Valerie Wiseman


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