Isolated Moments

Indy Clay Co-op Gallery

Reflecting on a year in isolation; singled out moments of strength, courage, and beauty in times of everything but. Fantasy narratives constructed with friends and props to defeat the year that seemed like the apocalypse. Experiments in 2D transfers to ceramic decals, large china paintings, and modular porcelain frame pieces.


Corpus Substantia

Fountain Square Clay Center

Figures emerge from a dream like state taking with them the vestiges and colors of that illusory world. Glinting and gleaming with a gasp of reality, like memories shimmering, barely accessible upon the waking consciousness. 

The work is a balance of extremes, floating in the liminal state between form and formlessness, life and death, spirit and body. The sculpted figure has shifted through cultural exchanges and social importance, and the medium of clay holds within its tempered body the stories of people untold. The work serves to hold the anachronism of figurative sculpture in clay and add to the collective mythos. Revealing and concealing stories within the surfaces of the clay, weaving a web of fantasy, and mystery.